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A robust Retail Management software suitable for managing inventory at all types of retail outlets from a Grocery Store to a Multi Brand Fashion Outlet, Footwear Store and Accessories Shop to track the day-to-day activities, stock reports, sales & purchase reports, returns, GST report, etc. for effective management.

Sale, Stock & Customer Management

Get your business processes under control LS One gives you all the tools you need to run your retail business centrally. Manage your staff and keep track of your whole operation from head office.

sale and purchase


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breakage or wastage

Breakage / Wastage

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Stock transfer





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tax reports of RetailPro

tax reports


Retail Pro is capable of carrying out day-to-day activities of purchasing of stock, maintaining inventory efficiently through proper tagging of products and selling them by just scanning the barcode in no time. Inspite of having large numbers of SKUs, the segregation of the products basis the color, size, shape, design, pattern, manufacturing, brand, etc. can be managed accurately through a simple touch screen entry only.


The software increases profitability by improving billing speed and accuracy with barcodes. Helps in maintaining proper records of purchases and sales for each of the SKUs and at the same time helps in managing the inventory optimally.

User Friendly

Retail Pro runs on windows environment and works on touch screen as well as on desktop. A cloud-based systems that can easily be installed and set up with an internet connection. You don’t need extensive hardware, updating the software is simple and the software can customized according to your individual needs.


Integrated business process

Centrally Managed, Integrated Business Processes

Retail Pro efficiently and seamlessly integrates all the aspects involved in the retail business. It can also be integrated with the back office and head office in order to keep a centralized monitoring and control system.

Integrated business process
inventory control and replenishment

Inventory Control and Replenishment

Store Managers and POS operators can gain complete visibility of stock across stores or at the main warehouse/distribution centers right from the POS interface.

single window operations

Single window operations

The interface is designed in a way to ease the life of the user without compromising on any of the features. It is a single-window type interface i.e. the user can perform all the tasks from a single window without having to switch the screens/windows.

single window operations

Manage Sales & Operations on our App

You can also get status related to stock in and out, monthly and yearly sales report and daily invoices by downloading mobile app on your android or IOS device. There by the user can track any kind of fraudulent activity being undertaken.

government regulations

Meeting Government Regulations

The reports generated by the software are as per the government rules and regulations. The software is updated from time-to-time to meet all the regulatory requirements for formulation and generation of complicated reports required by the GST Department.

government regulations
smooth processing of complex transactions

Smooth Processing of Routine and Complex Transactions

It is capable of combining multiple transaction within single POS transaction.
POS operators can process a sale refund and sale transaction in a single transaction rather than a two step process.

securing business process

Securing the Business Process

User cannot manipulate or delete any information which may create trouble for the management. The software is designed in such a way that without the permission of the management, the user cannot change any information thereby reducing the risk of any fraudulent activity.

securing business process
process automation

Process Automation

Retail Pro helps in maintaining the information on a digital platform thereby reducing manual work and helping in better analysis of the information. It eases the life of the management by making complicated reports in just a mouse click.

overall cost effectiveness

Overall Cost Effectiveness

The software is a one-time investment with high returns. The transparency in its features help in mitigating the risks of business that might occur due to fraudulent activity. Thereby helping in better planning of the finances by providing real-time information about the stock status and sale/purchase.

overall cost effectiveness
business on-the-go

Stay Connected with your Business On-The-Go

The management can stay connected with their business all the time as the software helps in providing summarized information through SMS and e-mail as and when required. They can also receive alert messages in case of any fraudulent activity being undertaken at the outlet.

formation of reports

Formation of Reports

Retail Pro helps in making detailed reports for Sales, Purchase, Stock, Breakage, MIS, GST, etc. for better visibility and transparency in the business.

formation of reports
transparency and better management

Transparency and Better Management

Retail Pro helps in providing better visibility as the process is all digitized and automated and there is no scope of human intervention. Also, the software is capable of triggering alert messages in case any person tries to indulge in any fraudulent activity.

customer retention and management

Customer Retention and Management

Retail Pro gives detailed customer information which can be used to identify trends at the individual stores and across the retail chain. This information can be used to conduct attractive loyalty management programs and also help in better promotional activity basis the target audience.

customer retention and management
better service for customer satisfaction

Better Service Leading to Higher Customer Satisfaction

By eliminating manual calculations and processes, the system becomes more efficient leading to less or no scope of error in calculations. It also eases out the complicated processes involved in sales, returns, discounts, etc. thereby improving the quality of service and resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.


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