About the Software

A detailed HR Software to track and manage the staff/employee attendance, schedule, leaves and other related activities (for a single business or a chain of businesses) for easily managing different pay heads for accurately calculating salary and pay slips on time.


Highly flexible Employee Management / Human Resource Management

employee details

Employee Details

pay structure of employees

Pay Structure

pf/esi calculation

PF/ESI Calculation

pay slip

Pay Slip

leave reports of employees

Leave Reports

attendance calculator of employees

Attendance Calculator


It can either be installed independently or it can also be installed as a part/module with any of our existing software like Retail Pro, Madhushala, Jolly Buoy, and other property management software. Direct profitability of the employee can also be checked using this software with respect to the specific business.


Salary calculations on the basis of shift details, attendance, leaves, punctuality, etc. along with various HR related reports can also be furnished at just a click of a mouse. Anomalies of human intervention can also be easily avoided by using the software.

User Friendly

Payroll Management runs on windows environment and works on touch screen as well as on desktop. A cloud-based systems that can easily be installed and set up with an internet connection. You don’t need extensive hardware, updating the software is simple, and the software can be customized according to your individual needs.


business process management

Centrally Managed, Integrated Business Processes

Payroll can be managed centrally for any business unit thereby enabling to integrate the various business processes in a single software. The software can also be integrated with the Attendance Machines for getting the data of employees.

business process management
smooth processing of complex transactions

Smooth Processing of Routine and Complex Transactions

The difficult calculations of salary basis the shifts, leaves, punctualities, etc. can easily be calculated along with the taxes and other such deductions.

easy to use

Simple and easy to use

The software is user friendly and easily understandable with standardized processes making the work of the HR department easy and fast.

easy to use

Manage Sales & Operations on our App

You can also get status related to stock in and out, monthly and yearly sales report and daily invoices by downloading mobile app on your android or IOS device. There by the user can track any kind of fraudulent activity being undertaken.

formation of reports

Formation of Reports

Payroll helps in making detailed reports for Attendance, Leaves, Shift Details, etc. for better visibility and transparency in the business.

easy to use
efficient and accurate

Efficient and Accurate

The system is automated and hence is quick and efficient in calculations and helps in timely distribution of the salary thereby improving the employee morale and motivation.

process automation

Process Automation

Payroll helps in maintaining the information on a digital platform thereby reducing manual work and helping in better analysis of the information.

process automation
government regulations

Meeting Government Regulations

Standard Government Forms and Statutory Deductions are easily met thereby easing out the HR process.


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