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Fully integrated & intuitive Software for Alcohol & Liquor POS which is capable of carrying out day-to-day activities of cash sale, credit sale, sales return, excise reporting, purchase, stock maintenance, breakage, physical stock, etc. in any kind of Off-Shop and On Shop for sale of Foreign Liquor or Country Spirit.

Wine Shop Management Software

Highly flexible alcohol & liquor shops Management System

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categories of liquor


stock valuation of madhushala

Stock Valuation

counter sale

Counter Sale

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Excise Report

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Kind Of Foreign Liquor

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Tally Export

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Mobile App

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Online Viewing



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Stock Transfer


Madhushala is appropriate for the Retail Liquor Store to manage important module such as Purchase, Sales, Suppliers, Ledgers, Accounts, Reports etc. By using this Software you can store your important data very easily and safely with full Barcode facilities and Electronic Billing System.


The main focus of this product is to minimize the manual calculation. With digitization gaining importance, the software helps you to get rid of your KHATA (Excise Register) and maintain proper and easy to understand documents that can be used to meet all your government regulations.

User Friendly

Madhushala runs on windows environment and works on touch screen as well as on desktop. The software is also capable of giving status reports related to stock in and out, sales, monthly and yearly report by downloading mobile app on your android phone.


integrated business process

Integrated Business Processes

Madhushala comes as an end-to-end business solution for Alcohol & Liquor retailers seamlessly integrating POS, inventory management, logistics, back office store, accounts and head office processes.

integrated business process
inventory control and replenishment

Inventory Control and Replenishment

Store Managers and POS operators can gain complete visibility of stock across stores.

smooth processing of transactions

Smooth Processing of Routine and Complex Transactions

It is a capable of combining multiple transaction within single POS transaction. POS operators can process a sale refund and sale transaction in a single transaction rather than a two step process.

smooth processing of transactions
sale management on app

Manage Sales & Operations on our App

You can also get status related to stock in and out, monthly and yearly sales report and daily invoices by downloading mobile app on your android or IOS device. There by the user can track any kind of fraudulent activity being undertaken.

government regulations

Meeting Government Regulations

The reports generated by the software are as per the government rules and regulations. The software is updated from time-to-time to meet all the regulatory requirements for formulation and generation of reports.

government regulations
reports formation

Formation of Reports

Madhushala helps in making detailed reports for Sales, Purchase, Stock, Breakage, MIS,Excise, etc. for better visibility and transparency in the business.

business on-the-go

Stay Connected with your Business On-The-Go

You can also get status related to stock in and out, monthly and yearly sales report and daily invoices by downloading mobile app on your android device. There by the user can track any kind of fraudulent activity being undertaken.

business on-the-go
process automation

Process Automation

Madhushala helps in maintaining the information on a digital platform thereby eliminating the usage of traditional “Khata” i.e. Brand/Category Register and Daily Register.

cost effectiveness

Overall Cost Effectiveness

The software is a one-time investment with high returns. The transparency in its features help in mitigating the risks of business that might occur due to fraudulent activity. It also helps in better planning of the finances by providing real-time information about the stock status and sale/purchase.

cost effectiveness
customer retention and management

Customer Retention and Management

Gives detailed customer information which can be used to identify trends at the individual stores and across the retail chain. This information can be used to conduct attractive loyalty management programs and also help in better promotional activity basis the target audience.

transparency and better management

Transparency and Better Management

Madhushala helps in providing better visibility as the process is all digitized and automated and there is no scope of human intervention. Also, the software is capable of triggering alert messages in case any person tries to indulge in any fraudulent activity.

transparency and better management

Features and Functionality

Transaction Processing / Purchase / Goods Receipt/ Counter Sale
  • Sale (Bottle wise/ Case wise / Peg Wise)
  • Sale Return
  • Party Wise Sale (Credit/Cash)
  • Card Sale
  • Daily Expenses entry from counter sale screen
  • On account payment receipt from party
  • Live Stock and Sales Summary
  • Auto split bill to maintain 36 liter for FL & 12 liter for CS. maximum quantity billing Party-wise rate-wise sale entry
  • Store-wise sale entry
  • Discount / Discount Remarks Entry
  • Live sales summary / live liter summary FL, CS & NAI/ live stock summary at POS
  • Purchase entry / Goods Receipt Entry
  • Batch-wise / TP Pass Challan-wise
  • Discount on Bill/ Item / Case
  • Tax Collected at Source (TCS)
  • Party on Account Detail
  • Store Location-wise receipt
  • Cash / Credit Entry
  • Support for multiple transaction types in a single POS transaction. For example the user can execute a sale, sale return in a single transaction
  • Visibility of inventory of all stores and warehouses at the POS with real time inventory control
  • Automatic price and tax determination
  • Sale refund without reference to a sale transaction
  • Prompt the user to book a sales order when the store is out of inventory
  • User wise sales & Reports

Breakage Entry
  • To maintain breakage at the time of purchase and sale
  • Breakage will be treated as zero amount sale in stock report
  • Breakage receipt for auto stock adjustment

Opening Stock
  • One time opening stock entry to start inventory

  • Cash receipts and cash payments of both capital and revenue nature are recorded
  • Bill-wise / on Account entry both can be done
  • Cash / Bank Closing Balance and Account Closing Balance
  • For Collection of payment or advance payment from customers

Stock Transfer
  • Create stock transfers between main Store to Shop or between Shop to Main store

Other Accounting Entry

Journal Entry –

  • For each transaction the names of the two concerned accounts indicating which is debited and which is credited, are clearly written in two consecutive lines. This makes ledger-posting easy.

Contra entry –

  • If a transaction requires entries on both the debit and the credit sides simultaneously, it is called ‘Contra entry’

Other Features
  • Company Creation / Year Creation – Auto Year Closing and Stock Conversion
  • User Creation / User Rights Creation / User audit – Audit and Validate User Access Rights to Sensitive File and Data
  • All Master Creation – Accounts Master / Inventory Master
  • Sales Rate Creation – Multiple Sales Rate Party-wise / Item-wise
  • Item Master Tagging with Brand, Category, Kind of Foreign Liquor, Purchase rate, Sales Rate, MRP, Minimum Stock and Multi barcode
  • Parameter setup – allowingMultiple Bill Discount, Print Setup, Accounts Tagging, Report and Print Setup
  • SMS and Report Emailing – Integration with SMS and Email for Daily Reporting, Sales Statement / Bulk Ltr. Statement

Types of Reports

Sales Reports
  • Bulk Ltr. Report
  • Multi Bill Print
  • Category Wise – ML Wise
  • Category wise – Brand Wise
  • Bill Wise
  • ML Wise
  • Item Wise
  • Sales Return
  • Party Wise

Stock Report
  • Item Wise closing / Store wise
  • Value Wise Closing
  • Value wise Detail / Store Wise
  • Brand Wise Summery
  • Brand Wise Detail
  • Category wise Detail
  • ML Wise
  • Minimum Quantity Report

Purchase Reports
    • Supplier Wise Detail
    • Bill wise Detail
    • Item / Batch Wise Detail
    • Bill wise Summery
    • Item Wise Summery
    • Brand wise Detail / Summery
    • Category wise Detail / Summery

Breakage Report
  • Breakage on Sale or purchase – Party wise and item wise breakage Report

Stock Transfer Report
  • From main store to shop

MIS Report
  • Bill Wise Payment
  • Party wise Sales discount – Discount detail
  • Tax Report
  • Daily Profit & Loss Report – For daily purchase sale ratio-wise profit & loss

Excise Report
  • Daily Stock
  • Monthly Stock
  • Monthly Stock Off Line
  • Monthly Stock On Line
  • Category Register
  • Brand Register

Accounts Report
  • Purchase register
  • Sales Register
  • Day Book
  • General Ledger
  • Group Closing
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance


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